Latest news from Technology Field 4: Advanced Optical Equipment

High-NA EUV – New Technology for global microchip production. The worldwide unique High-NA-EUV lithography sets new standards for the production of state-of-the-art microchips. ZEISS has developed and manufactured the optical system as the heart of this new technology. The first machine for the High-NA-EUV lithography was recently delivered by the strategic ZEISS partner ASML. The first microchips are set to be produced in series from 2025.

In the first industrial deployment (FID) of the High-NA EUV lithography optics systems, ZEISS delivered first prototypes of the High-NA EUV projection optics and illumination systems to the system integrator ASML. The optics systems and the corresponding innovative manufacturing line were developed by ZEISS in Technology Field 4 of the IPCEI Microelectronics.

The results of these efforts are having a significant impact on the European and global semiconductor value chain as seen by testimonials of market and technology leaders ASML, imec, and Intel.


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