ESBS-Austria Conference: “Energy efficiency enabled by ESBS”

The ESBS-Austria (Electronics and Software Based Systems – Austria) fall conference on “Energy efficiency enabled by ESBS” took place on 19 October in Vienna and focused on the energy transition enabled by electronics and software based systems as key technologies. One panel has specifically addressed the contribution of the IPCEI ME resp. its Austrian partners to European Sustainability and Sovereignty targets.

Josef Moser (Infineon Austria) started with a general introduction of IPCEI specific requirements in terms of cooperation and spill-over activities and how far the overall project has progressed so far. He also highlighted the ongoing development and ramp-up of energy efficient power devices in Si/SiC/GaN at Infineon Austria. Günther Maier (AT&S) showed results from efforts to reduce the losses in power packages supported by cooperations with research partners. He introduced the AT&S copper (Cu) recycling and reuse project, regenerating 200t of Cu and thus saving 85t of CO2 emissions per year, as key element for an environmental friendly production. Finally Michael Jerne (NXP AT) highlighted the importance of innovation in cybersecurity to enable European digital sovereignty and resilient infrastructures, in support of the green and digital transformation.

The ESBS Austria conference has been another great opportunity to communicate results and impact of the IPCEI ME to high-level representatives from the Austrian ESBS community and political stakeholders.

ESBS-Austria (article with presentations)

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