ZEISS European Autumn School

Lithography Optics

20th & 21st October 2021

Application Deadline 8th October 2021

What is the ZEISS European Autumn School about?

Optics is a key technology with inspiring applications – such as in the production of increasingly powerful microchips. Many of the devices we use in our daily lives contain microchips, from computers and cellphones to cars and household electronics. The semiconductor industry utilizes optical lithography to pattern wafers for manufacturing of integrated circuits. As a global technology leader in lithography optics and equipment, ZEISS is shaping the nanoelectronics age. This way ZEISS enables the continuation of Moore‘s Law, and with that the steady progress of the semiconductor industry. ZEISS is committed to advancing the science and knowledge about lithography optics in Europe and offers development opportunities for scientists and engineers working in optics technology, as well as for STEM top talents seeking a career in nanoelectronics.

Target Group for the ZEISS European Autumn School

  • You are a scientist or engineer working in optics technology.
  • You are about to complete your master’s degree or Ph.D. in one of the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).
  • You have a sound understanding of optics.
  • You enjoy tackling complex technical topics and would like to have an opportunity to talk to leading experts about lithography optics for nanoelectronics.

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